Agro Budget System ABS in Media

Welcome to the page "Agro Budget System ABS in Media"! Here you will find a collection of media content that highlights the importance and innovation of our revolutionary Agro Budget System (ABS) in agriculture.

AgroVi TV Show

The Agro Budget System (ABS) is more than just a startup - it's a revolution. In our conversation with the founders, we will delve deeper into the technology behind the system, understanding how this software tool has become a crucial ally for farmers in resource optimization, planning, and yields.


Welcome to the recording of the lecture on the Agro Budget System ABS, an innovative agritech startup, which recently took place at the Chamber of Commerce in Sombor. This lecture provided a deeper insight into the revolutionary changes that our startup brings to agriculture.

ABS in AgroDan TV show

Welcome to another exciting AgroDay! In today's edition, we are exploring the innovative Agro Budget System ABS from Sombor - a technological gem that is changing the rules of the game in agriculture.

ABS on web

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