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Welcome to the world of Agro Budget System (ABS) - a revolutionary Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that transforms the way farmers plan and execute their production strategies. Our mission is clear: to empower you to make informed decisions and achieve outstanding results in agriculture.
Our story

Time and Money-Saving Automation

Agro Budget System creates a Farmer's Digital Guide for investing in agricultural production.
The key advantage of this solution lies in the fully automated process of selecting the most favorable offers, generated by supplier companies directly on the ABS digital platform.
What makes it unique is that offer selection is based on insights into individual production plans of agricultural producers. This ensures that each offer is tailored to the specific needs and plans of every farmer.
What is ABS?

What Can We Optimize?

Our platform enables optimization across a broad spectrum of economic areas closely related to agriculture.

From seed selection, agronomic activities, crop protection, storage, and transportation, to the sale of agricultural products and administrative aspects such as subsidies, insurance, and production financing.

ABS SaaS solution provides an automated and efficient way to make decisions, relying on the individual production plans of each farmer.

💼 Benefits for Supplier Companies

Agro Budget System offers outstanding advantages to supplier companies.
Our platform provides direct insight into individual production plans of agricultural producers – farmers.
Based on this information, companies can create personalized offers of goods and services tailored to the exact needs of each farmer.
This enables you to provide top-notch support and acquire new clients, enhancing your market competitiveness while significantly reducing acquisition costs.

📊 Precision Projection

Each production plot is unique, and we treat it as such.
ABS SaaS solution allows for precise investment and financial projection for each individual plot, as well as for the overall production area.
Whether you engage in traditional or precision farming, our platform is adaptable to any approach.

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