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Our main goal is to deliver expert consulting in agriculture, rural development, organic farming, environmental protection, renewable resources, investment management, and business management all resulting in an enhancement as a whole in the field of agriculture, hence an improvement of how business in undertaken giving our clients superior market competitiveness. ABS deploys a significant number of highly experienced and independent experts with the long-term competence, specifically in large-scale project implementation in the Republic of Serbia and abroad.

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We are here to simplify Your agriculture investment

The ABS platform provides optimized agriculture investment information while allowing its users to estimate and review their financial efficiency. ABS will be extremely useful to all agriculture producers, whether it be seasoned expert or an individual who is considering engaging in agriculture.

Our team of experts who take part in building and implementation of projects, come from a variety of backgrounds in the agro-sphere. This enables ABS to deliver a turn-key solution on all fronts, through its integrated model, which generates necessary information in one place. This in turn enables the end user to review advantages and disadvantages of their proposed project.

This also applies to all types of agriculture activities including energy management of farms while following all the applicable laws and formal administrative procedures when considering making an investment.

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While implementing your business and investment plans all registered users will have access to “ABS calculator” application. The “ABS calculator” application is a unique tool which enables users to perform various calculations while controlling expenditure and overall income. This specific process results in specialized generated reports to enable our clients to efficiently optimize their business.