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We are excited about the opportunity to build successful partnerships with experts from various sectors of the agricultural industry. Our dedication to innovation, high-quality solutions, and support for our partners ensures that together, we establish sustainable and profitable business relationships.

Science Institute Mihajlo Pupin

ABS is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the “Mihajlo Pupin” Robotics Laboratory, a pioneering force with over 50 years of groundbreaking work in the field. As the oldest robotics laboratory in Southeast Europe and a global pioneer in humanoid robotics development, the Institute Mihajlo Pupin Robotics Laboratory brings unparalleled experience and creativity to the table. Their extensive knowledge and intuitive approach, coupled with a dynamic team of both experienced and young researchers, make them a leading research center in Serbia. With a focus on scientific research in various robotics and mechatronics areas, the laboratory is not just a local giant; it's a global player with strategic partnerships across Europe.
Institute Mihajlo Pupin


ABS is excited to announce a fruitful collaboration with the Valuator platform, experts in streamlining the procurement process. Valuator, a team composed of experienced individuals, ensures efficiency and control in the procurement process. Their platform, enabling easy procurement management, brings significant time and cost savings. Partnership with Valuator allows ABS to provide our users with another crucial tool for efficient operations and improvement of agricultural production

Dyna Crop Space

ABS is proud to collaborate with the DynaCrop platform, bringing revolutionary benefits to our users. DynaCrop, a white-label digital farming platform powered by satellite data, unlocks new levels of precision, productivity, and profitability for farmers worldwide. By leveraging accurate data, algorithms, and AI models, DynaCrop facilitates data-driven decision-making in agriculture and enhances the value of digital farming tools.
Dyna Crop Space

Cooperative Union of Vojvodina

The signing of the contract with the Cooperative Union of Vojvodina marks a new era for ABS and our partners. Through this agreement, the Cooperative Union of Vojvodina and its 400 member agricultural cooperatives will generate a significant increase in demand for products and services from our suppliers who create offers through the ABS platform. An expansion of the potential placement of products and services of supplier companies is expected on an additional 350,000 hectares. This collaboration brings a reduction in risks in agricultural investments, ensures predictable results, and enhances the efficiency of agricultural production organization.
ZSV Webpage

The Cooperative Union of Serbia

The Cooperative Union of Serbia (CUoS) represents a key partner of the Agro Budget System (ABS) platform in enhancing agricultural production across Serbia. Through this collaboration, members of the Cooperative Union have the privilege to utilize the ABS platform to create their production plans, significantly streamlining their operations and optimizing production processes. The Cooperative Union of Serbia gathers a large number of agricultural producers and cooperatives nationwide, making them a serious demand generator for goods and services necessary for production. This collaboration enables the ABS platform to provide personalized services and offers to its users, considering the specific needs and requirements of farmers and cooperatives. Thanks to the partnership with the Cooperative Union of Serbia, the ABS platform becomes a key tool in the process of improving agricultural production in Serbia, empowering users to make informed investment decisions and optimize their operations in an efficient and reliable manner.
The Cooperative Union of Serbia

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