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Creating personalized offers

Easily and quickly create fully personalized offers of goods and services directly on our platform. Customize your offers exactly as agricultural producers want. There is no need for long negotiations or adjustments, because everything is simple and fast available in one place. Improving customer satisfaction: By providing exactly what agricultural producers are looking for, you increase their satisfaction and create long-term business relationships. This leads to increased customer loyalty and better reputation of your company.

Insight into production plans

You have exclusive insight into the production plans of agricultural producers who use our platform. This means that you know their needs and requirements in advance. In this way, you can efficiently plan your production, procurement and distribution, reducing the risk of unnecessary losses and optimizing your business.

Efficient inventory management

Based on production plans, you can timely align your inventory with the requirements of agricultural producers. This allows you to have the right products at the right time, reducing the risk of excessive or insufficient inventory levels. You have access to detailed information on the types of crops that will be grown, estimated quantities of future production and geographic areas where that production will take place. Based on information on the size and number of production plots, you can efficiently plan your activities and optimize your business.

Savings and increased profits

With Agro Budget System, you reduce the cost of acquiring new customers by up to 80%. You no longer have to spend time and resources on traditional methods of finding new clients. Our platform allows you to timely access the demand of agricultural producers and generate personalized offers. This results in higher business growth and increased profits.

Easy to use

Agro Budget System is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. You will not waste time on complex software and unnecessary training. Our platform allows you to quickly and efficiently manage offers and transactions, giving you time to focus on other key aspects of your business.

ABS Service Packages for Companies – Suppliers

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ABS Silver package
Maximum number of created personalized offers: 100
  • Insight into production plans of agricultural producers
  • Overview of geographic production areas by plots, location, crop type and estimated crop quantities
  • Basic analytics of created offer data
  • Creating your basic page on the ABS platform - header, logo text - short description
  • Technical support via email
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ABS Platinum paket
Maximum number of created personalized offers: UNLIMITED
  • All services from Gold package
  • Advanced analytics of created offer data - trends, market, direct competition
  • Create your professional page at the highest level on the ABS platform - embed, text, video, header, logo - according to the client's wishes
  • Technical support via phone
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