Seed and Plant Material - Agro

Suppliers of seeds and planting material ensure a quality and adaptable start to production. Their research and selection contribute to the successful development of crops.

Crop Care - Fert

These suppliers of fertilizers monitor plant growth through all stages. Their care ensures optimal conditions for high yields and quality products.

Plant Protection - Prot

Providers of plant protection products ensure control over pests and diseases. Their work contributes to crop health and product quality.

Land Tillage Machinery - Meha

Agricultural machinery vendors oversee land tillage, ensuring optimal planting and growth conditions, and proposing efficient solutions.

Machinery Services Costs – Mapr

These providers analyze and adjust machinery service costs to achieve fair and sustainable value exchange. Know the true cost of mechanization at all times.

Financial Support and Funding Sources - Bank

This sector focuses on providing financial support to farmers and explores various funding sources for agricultural production.

Insurance - Insu

Insurance companies develop programs to safeguard farmers from unforeseen risks. Discover the benefits of crop insurance before making decisions.

IPARD Consultants - Iprd

Consultants for the IPARD program provide information, support and advice to farmers who want to take advantage of EU funds. Find out what amount of financial support you can count on according to your future production.

Product Transportation - Tran

Carriers manage logistics and transport of agricultural products from fields to farms and markets, ensuring timely delivery.

Legal Regulations - Lawa

Our legal regulatory associates track changes in laws and regulations so farmers can align their activities accordingly.

Product Realization - Trad

Buyers, traders, and exporters of agricultural products offer the best terms when creating your future production plan. Always have the most favorable market value for your future yield and understand the effects of your investments.

Energy Efficiency - Enrg

Energy efficiency experts offer advice on optimizing energy consumption in agriculture. Utilize renewable energy sources to ensure ideal project conditions.

Institutional Support - Inst

These consultants provide farmers with administrative support, information on subsidy support programs from the national program, and other institutional matters.

Storage and Handling - Warh

Professionals manage storage and handling of agricultural products, ensuring their preservation and integrity. Secure the best conditions in advance.

Infrastructure Development - Proj

Our infrastructure associates focus on developing necessary infrastructure for successful agricultural production. Projects for building silos, dryers, and other facilities at the most favorable market conditions.

Seasonal workforce - Work

Plan and secure essential seasonal labor by expressing your needs in advance. Our associates will offer optimal solutions and meet your workforce requirements.

Product Certification - Cert

Certification experts ensure that agricultural products meet quality and safety standards. Add value to your production and make your products accessible to demanding markets.

Farmer's Digital Guide

The Farmer's guide to optimizing financial efficiency in investments combines all the above aspects to ensure sustainable and profitable agricultural production.

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