Dear Valued Farmers

One of the most important question, always asking yourselves, is how to make the first step in organizing your agricultural production and make the right decision when it comes to the level and investing method in the preferred production you have decided on?

How can you be sure that the offers for goods and services that you wish to use in production are the most efficient and profitable for you?

How to predict production financial result?

How do you obtain necessary feedback to these questions before you start production investment?
Our unique solution provides exactly this.

By selecting the guaranteed and most competitive solutions, proposed by our associates, to enable you to invest in your production, you will be assured that the decision you have made is the right one.

Based on all the specifics of your request, the selection of the most favorable offer for each type of product and service, required for your production, is done completely automated and executed according to the pre-determined efficiency parameters.

In front of you is a guide for investing in agricultural production, created according to your needs.
What are the ultimate goals that, together with you, we wish to achieve? There are many of them, and we want to share them all.

This project, with your participation, is a way forward to let you know in advance, prior embarking on any activity related to investment in agricultural production, its economic justification and profitability!

ABS do not wait until the end of the production cycle to realize this. On the contrary, we want to enable you to find out the purposefulness and profitability of the investment in production you want to achieve and before the start of any activities!




Prior initiation of your investment, we are offering you assistance to help you decide, in a fully automated way, which proposal for available goods and services on the market, best meets the requirements of your agricultural production


The shortest and most cost-effective way of organizing your agricultural production


Fully disclosed insight into the associate’s network, responsible for creating offers, according to your request


Have a complete control over the investing production processes and its outcome, through a specially designed tool, created by ABS that is tailored made to your requirements – “ABS calculator”


Apply the agricultural production technology that best suits your needs



The shortest and quickest way to farmers needs

Data analytics

Created data analytics helps you better understand your business environment


Be always available to address any farmer’s needs to realize your commercial activities in a productive and efficient way


Create an exact offer according to the specific requirements submitted by farmers


Secure your visibility and arrange platform provided space, according to your needs and the farmer’s requirements.

Agrobudget system (ABS)

About us

Our main goal is to deliver expert consulting in agriculture field, rural development, organic farming, environmental protection, renewable resources, investment and business management, resulting in an enhancement and improvement in the field of agriculture while applying best practices of how business is undertaken to equip our clients with superior market competitiveness.

Agrobudget system (ABS)

Our system


Preparation and implementation of all types of agriculture investments, rural development, environmental protection and renewable energy


Advisory services for domestic and foreign investors (business legislation, finding locations for projects, finding associates and business partners)


Consulting in agriculture and rural development





Management services in agriculture food companies



Agrobudget system (ABS)

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While implementing your business and investment plans all registered users will have access to “ABS calculator” application. The “ABS calculator” application is a unique tool which enables users to perform various calculations while controlling expenditure and overall income. This specific process results in specialized generated reports to enable our clients to efficiently optimize their business.