Agro Budget System

We offer answers to these questions:

How can agricultural producers - farmers, easily increase the efficiency of the organization of agricultural production?


How can agricultural producers - farmers reliably predict the financial effects of investing in their own production?


How can companies - bidders gain insight into the production plans of agricultural
producers - farmers?


How can companies-bidders quickly and efficiently create completely personalized offers of goods and services with a significant reduction in costs?


How to get answers to all key questions before starting to invest in agricultural production?

The answer is





has developed an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for optimizing
investments in agricultural production and forecasting the final financial results of
agricultural production.

AGRO BUDGET SYSTEM offers an innovative automated ABS digital platform both for farmers and for companies – suppliers of goods and services, so that farmers receive a digital guide for planning investment in production, and companies – suppliers have insight into the individual production plans of each farmer and based on that the possibility to create offers of goods and services needed by farmers to establish production.

This created a win-win solution for both groups of users.


It saves farmers more than 100% of the time needed to collect offers from different suppliers of goods and services and significantly increases comfort in production planning. It enables farmers to save more than 30% in the necessary inputs (consumption of seeds, fuel, fertilizers, plant protection products, and all other inputs as well as other administrative costs). Prevents the loss of profit to farmers by more than 15% by providing timely information on the possibilities of placing their agricultural products on the market.
Agrobudget system and Farmer's digital guide are free for farmers.


This solution allows companies – suppliers to gain insight into the individual production plans of farmers and, based on that, create personalized offers of goods and services directly on the platform. It gives them the opportunity to review the production plans of farmers according to the geographical area where future agricultural production is planned, by the size and number of production plots, crops, as well as the estimated quantities of agricultural products in a certain geographical area. In this way, the ABS digital platform increases the number of new customers for suppliers and extends the “lifetime” of existing customers. It enables suppliers of goods and services to achieve business growth with significant cost reduction and timely optimization of their own resources. It provides them with feedback market information that helps them in more precise market positioning and a better understanding of their own competition.



Procurement Savings

Thanks to our advanced procurement management system, you can achieve savings of up to 30% when sourcing inputs for your production. This means more money in your pocket and a better return on invested capital.

Reduced Profit Loss

Our platform equips you with tools for precise production planning and projection. You can anticipate investment levels and financial outcomes for each production parcel individually. This will help you reduce profit loss by up to 15% and achieve higher revenues.

Automated Selection of Best Offers

Our system automatically analyzes and selects the most favorable offer for you, saving you time and money. Forget manual review and comparison of offers. Our platform will automatically analyze available options and provide you with the best suggestions based on your needs and preferences. Save time and energy while maximizing benefits.

Projection of Optimal Investment Levels

With the ABS platform, you can foresee how much to invest in each aspect of production to achieve desired outcomes. This projection allows you to create an efficient investment plan and better manage your resources.

Financial Projection for Each Production Parcel:

Thanks to our advanced system, you can obtain precise financial projections for each parcel on your farm. This helps you identify the most profitable parts of your production and optimize your operations.
Agrobudget system and Farmer's digital guide are free for farmers.

Companies - bidders

Creating Personalized Offers

Easily and swiftly craft fully personalized product and service offers directly on our platform. Tailor your offers exactly as agricultural producers desire. No more prolonged negotiations or adjustments, as everything is conveniently available in one place.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

By providing precisely what agricultural producers are seeking, you enhance their satisfaction and foster long-term business relationships. This leads to increased customer loyalty and a stronger reputation for your company.

Effective Inventory Management

Based on production plans, you can timely align your inventory with agricultural producers' demands. This enables you to have the right products at the right time, reducing the risk of overstock or inadequate stock levels. You have access to detailed information about crop types to be cultivated, estimated quantities of future production, and geographical areas of production. With insights into the size and number of production plots, you can effectively strategize your activities and optimize your operations.

Insight into Production Plans

You gain exclusive access to the production plans of agricultural producers utilizing our platform. This means you know their needs and requirements beforehand. This empowers you to efficiently plan your production, procurement, and distribution, minimizing the risk of unnecessary losses and optimizing your operations.

Savings and Profit Boost

With the Agro Budget System, reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 80%. You no longer need to invest time and resources in traditional methods of finding new clients. Our platform grants you timely access to agricultural producers' demands and the ability to generate personalized offers. This results in significant business growth and profit expansion.


The Agro Budget System is designed to be intuitive and user- friendly. You won't waste time on complex software or unnecessary training. Our platform enables swift and efficient offer and transaction management, freeing up your time to focus on other key aspects of your business.

ABS service packages for companies - bidders

Experience the ABS Packages today and propel your business toward success in the agricultural industry!
ABS Silver Package
Maximum number of created personalized offers: 100
  • Included services: Insight into agricultural producers' production plans
  • Overview of geographical production areas by plots, location, crop type, and estimated quantities
  • Basic analytics of created offers' data
  • Creation of your basic page on the ABS platform - header, logo, text - brief description
  • Technical support via email
Order ABS Silver
ABS Platinum Package
Unlimited maximum number of created personalized offers
  • All services from the Gold package
  • Advanced analytics of created offers' data - trends, market, direct competition
  • Creation of your professional top-level page on the ABS platform - embed, text, video, header, logo - as per your preference
  • Technical support via phone
Order ABS Platinum
Agrobudget system and Farmer's digital guide are free for farmers.

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