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How to efficiently organize agricultural production?
How to reliably predict the financial result of production?
How to gain insight into farmers’ production plans?
How to create personalized offers of goods and services in a fast and efficient way?
How to get answers to these questions before investing in production?

The answer is


AGRO BUDGET SYSTEM (ABS) has developed an innovative SaaS solution for optimizing investments in agricultural production and forecasting the final financial results of agricultural production.


AGRO BUDGET SYSTEM offers an innovative automated ABS digital platform both for farmers and for companies – suppliers of goods and services, so that farmers receive a digital guide for planning investment in production, and companies – suppliers have insight into the individual production plans of each farmer and based on that the possibility to create offers of goods and services needed by farmers to establish production.

This created a win-win solution for both groups of users.

It saves farmers more than 100% of the time needed to collect offers from different suppliers of goods and services and significantly increases comfort in production planning.

It enables farmers to save more than 30% in the necessary inputs (consumption of seeds, fuel, fertilizers, plant protection products, and all other inputs as well as other administrative costs).

Prevents the loss of profit to farmers by more than 15% by providing timely information on the possibilities of placing their agricultural products on the market.

This solution allows companies – suppliers to gain insight into the individual production plans of farmers and, based on that, create personalized offers of goods and services directly on the platform.

It gives them the opportunity to review the production plans of farmers according to the geographical area where future agricultural production is planned, by the size and number of production plots, crops, as well as the estimated quantities of agricultural products in a certain geographical area.

In this way, the ABS digital platform increases the number of new customers for suppliers and extends the “lifetime” of existing customers.

It enables suppliers of goods and services to achieve business growth with significant cost reduction and timely optimization of their own resources.

It provides them with feedback market information that helps them in more precise market positioning and a better understanding of their own competition.






Prior initiation of your investment, we are offering you assistance to help you decide, in a fully automated way, which proposal for available goods and services on the market, best meets the requirements of your agricultural production


The shortest and most cost-effective way of organizing your agricultural production


Fully disclosed insight into the associate’s network, responsible for creating offers, according to your request


Have a complete control over the investing production processes and its outcome, through a specially designed tool, created by ABS that is tailored made to your requirements – “ABS calculator”


Apply the agricultural production technology that best suits your needs



The shortest and quickest way to farmers needs

Data analytics

Created data analytics helps you better understand your business environment


Be always available to address any farmer’s needs to realize your commercial activities in a productive and efficient way


Create an exact offer according to the specific requirements submitted by farmers


Secure your visibility and arrange platform provided space, according to your needs and the farmer’s requirements.

Agrobudget system (ABS)

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Our main goal is to deliver expert consulting in agriculture field, rural development, organic farming, environmental protection, renewable resources, investment and business management, resulting in an enhancement and improvement in the field of agriculture while applying best practices of how business is undertaken to equip our clients with superior market competitiveness.

Agrobudget system (ABS)

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Preparation and implementation of all types of agriculture investments, rural development, environmental protection and renewable energy


Advisory services for domestic and foreign investors (business legislation, finding locations for projects, finding associates and business partners)


Consulting in agriculture and rural development





Management services in agriculture food companies



Agrobudget system (ABS)

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While implementing your business and investment plans all registered users will have access to “ABS calculator” application. The “ABS calculator” application is a unique tool which enables users to perform various calculations while controlling expenditure and overall income. This specific process results in specialized generated reports to enable our clients to efficiently optimize their business.